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Festival attendees will enjoy a good variety of quality fare and different price points at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, proudly brought to you by our much loved indepent small business owners. Pizza, savoury & sweet crepes, sandwiches, salads, vegetarian, vegan, artisan chocolates, tea, coffee, craft beer, and more - there is something for everyone!

piper and leaf   pofta buna international cafe
Piper & Leaf Tea Company
Studio 151
on the front dock
  Pofta Buna International Cafe
Studio 100 (near door 14)
first floor of the South Building
These folks grow, pick, & forage to make local tea blends which are prepared and dried right here at the Mill!

Grab one of their iconic mason jars and have it refilled throughout the weekend for very little $.
  House prepared fresh Mediterranian and Eastern European foods with a Romanian influence.

Souvlaki wraps, shaorma, salads, sweet and savory crepes, as well as tiramisu and profiterol desserts.
mountain valley pizzeria and bakery   pizelles confections
Mountain Valley Pizzeria and Bakery
Studio 1020 (near the connector)
first floor of the South Building
  Pizzelle's Confections
Railroad Room 4
outside the South Building
Authentic artisan sourdough bread and pizza, some of Chris's starters are over 100 years old.

Daily deal of a slice of 'pizza of the day' with half a specialty salad.
  One of Huntsville's most loved chocolatiers, where fine chocolate meets pure imagination.

Handcrafted small-batch artisan truffles and bon bons, drinking chocolate, coffees, confections, desserts, and custom cakes.
chef will the palate   happy tummy
Chef Will The Palate
Studio WT1
food truck at the water tower
  Happy Tummy
Railroad Room 5
outside the South Building
Veggie and vegan fare with locally sourced ingredients. The flavor is international, with plenty of Mexican- and Asian-inspired dishes.

Daily deal of a slice of 'pizza of the day' with half a specialty salad.
  Known especially for sandwiches and wraps, but Cat is also known to concoct interesting new weekly specials, such as wraps, jambalaya, Asian-inspired dishes, and of course dessert!
alchemy lounge   suzys pops
Alchemy Lounge
Studio 2073 (near door 30)
second floor of the North Building
  Suzy's Pops
Studio 2060 (near the main gallery)
second floor of the North Building
Cozy lounge offering freshly pressed espresso, coffee beverages, local artisan pastries, soups, breads, and a few locally crafted beers.


Suzy makes a wide variety of flavoured pops using ingredients grown by local North Alabama farmers.

Regulars such as strawberry, chocolate, and rainbow, as well as more exotic flavors, like mango habañero, ginger lemongrass, pear riesling, wormy apple, and more!

flymo cantina    
Flying Monkey Cantina
Studio 271 (inside Karma Rags)
second floor of the South Building
Quick, inexpensive, pre-packaged 'on the go' snacks and beverages.

Potato chips, chocolate and candy bars, fig and granola bars, canned drinks and soda pop.


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